Who We are

ChiCommons Consulting is a worker-owned cooperative consultancy that helps local businesses, social movements, nonprofits, and other cooperatives flourish. We establish and improve our clients’ online presence, customer experience, team communications, and information technology (IT).

We are an arm of ChiCommons Cooperative, a multi-stakeholder organization created by and composed of Worker-Owners, Consumer-Owners, Producer-Owners, and Investor-Owners. ChiCommons Consulting is a diversely-composed team. We collectively have decades of expertise and experience in business strategy and management, internet and communications technology, community-organizing, and organizational facilitation. We are rooted in the Chicago region – but have a global outlook.

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Our Mission

We provide practical business and technology services that empower clients and local communities to innovate and flourish.

We believe that healthy sustainable organizations empowered with appropriate tools, services, and strategies are best positioned to thrive in a constantly changing environment. However, such services and strategies are not always obvious. That’s where we can help!

We welcome clients that have not yet established a digital presence and those who are looking for a reboot. We welcome clients that are looking to be more effective and efficient in their operations. Each ChiCommons worker-owner is vested in our clients’ and stakeholders’ success.

Because ChiCommons serves clients and movements of different organizational forms, we realize it’s important to balance and resolve sometimes competing needs and priorities. Our cooperative structure best allows us to achieve that balance and help others do the same.

Who We are Helping

We are proud to serve the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market. SMEs play an important role, employing vast numbers of people and helping to shape innovation, and are often called the heartbeat of the economy. Our clients are local for-profit, non-profit, and hybrid organizations that seek to survive and thrive in the current challenging climate. Our clients are established, as well as start-ups, and include:

  • Commercial businesses (digital and physical)
  • Certified B Corporations
  • Nonprofits
  • Cooperatives
  • Eco / green / sustainable orgs
  • Social movements / enterprises
  • Community-minded real estate developments

Through collaborative problem solving, ChiCommons provides business solutions that are tailored to each client. Examples of how we are helping include building software, websites, and web applications. Find out more on our home page

We help our clients align their mission, vision, values, and goals with stakeholder needs. This translates into better use of technology and digital presence.

Do you lead or direct a Chicago-area business, nonprofit org, real estate development, social movement, or cooperative?

We are committed to collaboration and active engagement from the beginning to the end of your initiative!