Our Origins and Team Needs

Our worker owners were drawn together by the local civic technology, knowledge commons, environmental sustainability, and cooperative movements for specific events and projects. To work more sustainably and cohesively for greater impact, we formed as an Illinois Limited Worker Cooperative Association (IL LWCA) in early 2020.

This type of organization can make decisions in the best interests of all stakeholders. Chi Commons was one of the first in the state of Illinois to be incorporated in this way!

While we already have broad expertise, we seek new worker owners with skill-sets to meet evolving client needs. Whether you are a small-business sales ace, full-stack software developer, user experience design pro, or seasoned community organizer, we may be able to help you get work. Interested?

If you are an experienced, motivated, community-minded professional dedicated to great client experience and a self-governing workplace, talk to us! We especially welcome persons identifying as women, LGBTQ, and/or non-binary!